A beer for your health

Beer contains nutrients with therapeutic effects, but also compounds that prevent cancer
           I always beer is welcome. But have you ever wondered which contains this liquid brown or blonde, bitter? Or what are the effects on health? Since ancient times, people have prepared beer, pleasant taste, but also for curative virtues. Modern research has confirmed these properties, beer is a food and medicine. Provided to be consumed in moderation.
  • Rival mineral water
    Beer is a weak alcoholic beverage food, non-distilled interrupted fermentation of a mash of malt, hops and water. It contains organic acids (acetic acid, malic acid, lactic acid), which regulates the acid-base balance in the body, aldehydes, higher alcohol and water-soluble vitamins from yeast: B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP, H. mineral content (1-2 mg / l) is comparable to that of the mineral water. In fact, if you remove gaseous component properties of kefir or brewing a closer humis (fermented mare's milk, drink miracle of Asian desserts). Regular beer contains about 5% alcohol and alcohol-free beer so called is between 0 and 0.5% alcohol. The temperature of the liquid suitable to be consumed with pleasure and without health problems is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius.
  • Kidneys like beer
    Beer promotes digestion, increase appetite, normalizes heart rate and blood pressure, prevents spasms. But those who suffer from hypertension must be limited to non-alcoholic beer. Drinking moderate amounts (maximum 100 ml per day), beer eliminates the danger of edema formation and deposition of albumin in pregnant women due to its diuretic virtues. It also promotes lactation in breastfeeding women, both quantitatively and qualitatively. For hangover, no infallible cure: a pinch of salt dissolved in a glass of beer. In addition, beer favors the accumulation of vitamin C in the kidneys, liver and spleen, contributing to strengthening the body (if you drink more than half a beer). Carbon dioxide is along the digestive tract a cooling effect. Because hops and bitter substances contained has a calming sedative. It's really a cure for kidney stones, besides being recommended diuretic teas.
  • The best lotion for skin
    In fact, by means of moderate beer consumption, vascular disease risk is reduced by 40-60%, and the mortality rate is reduced by 10-20 percent. So, the beer can be consumed both prophylactic and curative. It has antiseptic and is recommended destroying the bacillus tuberculosis in geriatric treatments. Remember Potassium in tissues, treating atherosclerosis, is an ideal way to combat stress. Beer miracles in cosmetics. It is a very effective skin care lotion. in the sixteenth century, German physician Johann Kasimir Sangfus recommend women to regularly massage the face, neck, chest and hands with beer foam to have smooth skin like a baby. It also strengthens the hair potion, and better resist hairstyle. It can be used in the household. If you want to get rid of cockroaches, put the beer on the bottom of a jar and wrap it in a piece of cloth. Attracted by the smell, cockroaches will fall into the jar.
  • Beer not fat
    Beer has the qualities of food by protein content and carbohydrates. One liter of beer is equivalent to 500 grams of potatoes or 0.75 liters of milk or 250 grams of bread or 6 7 eggs. Food value of a liter of beer is 433 kcal. Beer is blamed as fat. Not true. Weight gain is rather an effect of fries, sausages and chips with beer consumed, the researchers believe. More recent studies show that beer helps weight loss. But most beneficial influence on health beer were discovered by scientists at the University of Oregon. Their conclusion is that beer prevents the development of various cancers. The beer drinkers are more protected from cancer due to a chemical compound with anticancer action of hops content.
  • 6 millennia old
       Beer appeared about 6,000 years ago. The oldest traces of beer were recently discovered in the former Mesopotamia, Iran today. It seems like a fat beer was thick dark color, do not contain a large amount of alcohol, but very nutritious. In Mesopotamia, being a brewer was highly respected and best brewers were women. in ancient Babylon, goddesses Siris and Nimkasi were patrons of beer and some beers were reserved exclusively divine rituals. In ancient Egypt, beer was the national drink and an important food in the diet. It was also used as medicine being prescribed to more than 100 recipes. Fashion Queen Elizabeth I launched strong beer drunk at breakfast. Weekly allowance for students of all ages from a school in England consists of 2 bottles of beer a day because water was polluted rivers. Today, the world is produced in about 20,000 kinds of beer, bottled in 180 ways, from normal, low alcohol, pils, bitter, cream and black beer beer.
  • How to manufacture our own beer
    This is a traditional recipe brewing in the household. Quantity: 15 l water, 1 kg of barley malt, corn kernels 1 kg, 600 g sugar, 10 g of hop leaves, 40 g yeast. Boil malt and corn in an enamel pot. After 4 hours, add sheets of hops in a gauze. Boil 20 minutes, then remove the gauze bag. Strain beer in another bowl. Add sugar. When cooled to 30 degrees C, place the yeast and mix well. Allow to cool two Zille, comes in bottles with cork and binds with gauze. The bottles must stay cold. Consume within 24 hours.